Authors of this Proposal

  Nevada Association of School Board Officers
  President – Irene Chachas, White Pine
  President Elect – Jim Lemaire, Carson City
  Immediate Past President – Sharla Hales, Douglas County
  Past President – Sheila Moulton, Clark County
  Nevada Association of School Superintendents Officers 2009/2010
  President – Paul Dugan, Washoe County
  Vice President – Dr. Walt Rulffes, Clark County
  Treasurer – Robert Dolezal, White Pine County
  Nevada Superintendents
  Carson City – Richard Stokes
  Churchill County – Dr. Carolyn Ross
  Clark County – Dr. Walt Rulffes
  Douglas County – Carol Lark
  Elko County – Antoinette Cavanaugh
  Esmeralda County – Robert Aumaugher
  Eureka County – Ben Zunino
  Humboldt County – Mike Bumgartner
  Lander County – Curtis Jordan
  Lincoln County – Nykki Holton
  Lyon County – Caroline McIntosh
  Mineral County – Dr. Paul “Hank” Kirk
  Nye County – Dr. William “Rob” Roberts
  Pershing County – Daniel Fox
  Storey County – Dr. Robert Slaby
  Washoe County – Paul Dugan
  White Pine County – Robert Dolezal
  Nevada Department of Education
  Superintendent of Public Instruction – Dr. Keith Rheault


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